I am Charles Marina. I am an actor who writes, produces and directs. Well let’s just say I am an artist who enjoys creating .

In Lebanon I used to be on the Lebanese version of Saturday Night Live where I played more than 100 characters.

Fluent in French, English , Arabic , Italian and yes I have an accent and I love it. Hold on, you can still cast me in your project even with my accent...

You know there is funny weird and there is funny haha well I am both of those.

I love playing the nerd the flamboyant and the psychopath.

In 2006 I moved to LA where I had the chance to do dozens of commercials, perform stand up all over town and work on several independent features.

In 2018 I will be touring with my one man show “The Story Of Dick The Pussycat” and I am in the pre-production phase for my TV Pilot "Charles... Can't Adapt"